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Celebrating Double Success: Southport Stars Award Honours Our Innovation and Youth Commitment.

Celebrating Double Success: Southport Stars Award Honours Our Innovation and Youth Commitment

Southport’s vibrant community spirit and entrepreneurial drive were recently celebrated at the Southport Stars Awards, organized by the Southport BID and hosted at the elegantly beautiful venue that is The Grand Southport.

Among the night’s highlights was our organization’s outstanding achievement, clinching not just one but two prestigious accolades: The Southport Innovation Award and The Southport Youth Pledge with an Employer Accreditation Award.

The Southport Innovation Award stands as a testament to our commitment to forward-thinking and creativity in repurposing a former retail unit. This recognition underscores the importance of innovation in breathing new life into traditional avenues, fostering economic growth, and revitalizing our community landscape.

Equally noteworthy is our receipt of the Southport Youth Pledge, delivered in partnership by Southport Education Group, Southport Learning Trust and Southport BID, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to nurturing and empowering young people. We believe in investing in youth and in this being paramount to building a strong foundation for tomorrow’s leaders.

Receiving both the Southport Innovation Award and the Southport Youth Pledge is a humbling honour, encouraging us to continue pushing boundaries and making a positive impact in our community. These awards are proof to the collective effort of our team, who share our vision and passion for creating a brighter future for Southport. We are grateful to those that voted for us and for their support.

Moving forward, we remain committed to our vision and making Southport a thriving hub of creativity, opportunity, for generations to come.

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