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Data Storage

Data Storage

Storing information and the management of it is critical to a company’s behind the scenes success. Techedia offers a wide and complete range of storage solutions that help address the growing data protection demands:

Directly attached storage:
Directly attached storage (DAS) often suits small business environment. D.A.S is more often directly attached to the Machine accessing it. This will tend to be a Microsoft server based setup with internal disks or directly attached external drive such as an enclosed hard drive.

Shared storage:
Shared storage using network attached storage (NAS) or storage area network (SAN) are common solutions implemented for shared storage solutions across numerous businesses.
* NAS storage is commonly used for file storage purposes across businesses. It allows direct access to files to users across the company network. NAS Storage is commonly utilised in backup processes as locations where large backup files can be stored to and recovered from.

* SAN Storage guarantees fast access where performance is key in the manipulation and delivery of data. SAN storage is commonly used in the utilisation of virtual infrastructure within company networks.

Cloud Computing:
There is an ever growing trend in the industry for businesses to outsource their data storage requirements by investing in a managed private cloud solution such as AWS. In this scenario your data is stored and managed by the trusted 3rd Party (Amazon,Microsoft,Google) on remote server farms often referred to as the cloud.