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Unlocking Business Potential: 5 Key Drivers for Leveraging Proclaim Support and Development, Management Reporting & Visualisation, Web & API Services, and Network Support

In the modern business landscape, staying competitive and efficient is essential for sustained growth. To achieve this, companies are increasingly turning to specialized services that enhance their operations, streamline processes, and maximize productivity and we at Techedia are the leading provider of cost effective outsource Proclaim support and developing services, together with Management Reporting & Visualisation, Web & API Services, and Network Support amongst other services.

1. Proclaim Support and Development: Optimizing Legal Processes

For law firms and legal departments, Proclaim support and development are invaluable tools. Proclaim, a popular case management software, assists in managing various legal aspects efficiently, from case tracking to document generation. By investing in tailored Proclaim support and development, legal professionals can streamline their operations, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on delivering quality services to clients. Customizations and enhancements to Proclaim can be aligned with the unique needs of the legal practice, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

2. Management Reporting & Visualisation: Informed Decision-Making

In the age of data, businesses are drowning in information. Management reporting and visualization services empower organizations to extract meaningful insights from their data, aiding in informed decision-making. By using advanced reporting tools, companies can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), track trends, and identify areas for improvement. Clear and interactive visualizations make complex data comprehensible, enabling stakeholders to quickly grasp essential information and devise effective strategies.

3. Web & API Services: Expanding Digital Reach

In the digital era, a strong online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. Web and API services offer a gateway to this expanded digital reach. A well-designed website combined with seamless API integration can enable e-commerce, improve customer experience, and facilitate real-time data exchange with partners and clients. Outsourcing these services not only enhance customer engagement but also open new revenue streams and foster innovation through the creation of web-based applications.

4. Network Support: A Foundation for Seamless Operations

In a hyper-connected world, a stable and secure network infrastructure is the backbone of any successful enterprise. Network support services ensure that an organization’s IT systems function reliably and efficiently. This includes proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data and maintain business continuity. A robust network also enables remote work, collaboration, and the adoption of emerging technologies, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

5. Enhancing Efficiency and Adaptability

Collectively, Proclaim support and development, Management Reporting & Visualisation, Web & API Services, and Network Support contribute to a company’s overall efficiency and adaptability. By optimizing legal processes, harnessing data-driven insights, expanding digital capabilities, and maintaining a strong IT foundation, businesses can respond swiftly to market changes, customer demands, and industry trends. This agility is a vital competitive advantage, enabling companies to pivot quickly and seize opportunities as they arise.

The strategic deployment of Proclaim support and development, Management Reporting & Visualisation, Web & API Services, and Network Support, can drive a business to realise growth and success. By leveraging these services, organizations can enhance their operations, deliver better services, and position themselves as leaders in their respective industries. In the dynamic landscape of modern business, staying ahead requires not only innovation but also a commitment to leveraging the tools and services that can unlock a company’s full potential.

National Apprenticeship Week 6 – 12 FEB 2023

Huge congratulations to Alex Gerrard on his recent presentation at his former school Meols Cop in Southport, on his experience as Junior Proclaim Developer apprentice at Techedia.

It is not always easy to stand in front of your peers and former teachers to deliver a message, but deliver he did to the praise of his school community and to the advantage of those that may follow Alex’s steps of a career through the route of apprenticeship.

We all at Techedia are so very proud!

Techedia to create ‘new generation’ of IT specialists

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Techedia transforms historic Southport landmark into stunning new offices with £1m investment Techedia to create ‘new generation’ of IT specialists

🎈 Happy 10th Birthday Techedia! 🎈

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Calling all Proclaim developers!!

Techedia are currently developing what will be the most impressive building in the area to facilitate the ever-expanding software house that we are.

Were offering flexible working hours, home and office working options, the best team of developers to advance your skills and loads of training opportunities for the motivated developers out there.

Please send your cv’s or queries to

Get Claims Advice

Since instructing Techedia on the development of Pro Claim and other integrated systems, the project has moved at a pace that would only have been achievable with the assistance of Techedia and their team. I look forward to seeing all the results of the continuing development of all our IT systems with Techedia, A+ Service!

New Starter: Mattia Biscontini

Techedia (ICT Solutions) would like to announce our new starter!

Welcome to the team Mattia Biscontini!

New Starter: James Cleaver

Techedia (ICT Solutions) would like to announce our new starter!

Welcome to the team James Cleaver!


Techedia at Southport FC

Southport fought hard to secure a 3-2 victory against Chester at the Pure Stadium.

Marcus Carver extended his impressive goal scoring run, while Jack Bainbridge and Jordan Archer also found the back of the net.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Liam Watson’s side as they had to work hard in the second half to secure the three points and stop a comeback from the visitors.

The first chance of the game fell to Archer, who was unable to direct a Carver cross towards goal with his head.

It didn’t take too much longer for the deadlock to be broken, as Southport took the lead in the ninth minute.

The ball broke nicely for Bainbridge, who calmly slotted past Louis Gray in the visitor’s goal.

Read more about the Match here ->

Southport FC Main Club Sponsorship

IT specialist becomes Southport FC’s main sponsor

Following on from its sponsorship last season of the club’s community teams, Techedia has extended its partnership with Southport FC to become the club’s main sponsor.

As part of this exciting partnership, the Sefton-based ICT specialist is now enjoying front of shirt branding rights for the first team’s home and away shirts, replica playing shirts and all community team playing shirts, as well as pitch perimeter brand awareness advertising around the stadium.

Techedia specialises in the professional services sector and is an award-winning provider of bespoke, cost-effective ICT support and software development to many businesses across the UK and worldwide. Since it was established in 2013, it has experienced year on year growth and quickly gained a strong reputation for its expertise and quality across a wide spectrum from data storage to case management software (“CMS”) and network systems development.

In particular, Techedia’s development team has extensive experience in the support and development of Proclaim, the UK’s most widely used CMS software within the legal sector, resulting in it being able to save money for law firms, medical agencies and call centres nationwide as they have to adapt their business practices in response to changes in the marketplace.

Techedia’s founder and managing director, Matthew Townson, said: “We work with many local businesses that have a positive impact on the borough and are therefore very pleased to extend our partnership with Southport Football Club, which is at the very heart of our local community, in this way.”

Techedia is currently carrying out a £1million eco-friendly transformation of the historic 10,500 sq. ft. Cloisters building, formerly Christ Church School, on Southport’s Corporation Street which once complete will house the firm’s headquarters and a new health and wellbeing centre, and create 75 new jobs in the town.

“As a proud Sandgrounder myself, I believe strongly in the fortunes of the town and am excited about not only moving Techedia’s headquarters here, but about this extended partnership with Southport Football Club which shares our professional and collaborative approach to what it does,” Mr Townson added.

Southport FC’s Head of Commercial & Operations, Steve Dewsnip, said: “This is a fantastic partnership with Techedia and we are grateful to Matthew and his colleagues for their continuing support. Their investment in our town at this time is inspiring and we are looking forward to working closely with them over the next two years.”

He added, “This is a great and exciting time to be getting involved with our football club and this latest partnership is another example of two local, community-focused businesses working together.”

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