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Many companies outsource their IT requirements such as hosting servers, managing their websites, developing their software products or looking after their IT infrastructure. These third party’s under GPDR will be considered as data processor’s.

Under the data protection directive (Directive 95/46/EC) when a third party processes data on behalf of a controller the controller must enter into a written agreement with the third party.

  • The processor will only act on instructions from the controller.
  • Determine the liability of the processor to the controller.
  • lay down the technical and organizational measures to be implemented by the processor.

Many people believe a confidentially agreement deals with all of the above but it does not deal with processing data and does not have the required clauses.

GDPR means there is an obligation to enter into a data processing agreement this allows to clearly state how third party suppliers should handle their data and which security measures must be in place.

In particular, the agreement must oblige the processor to:

  • Help in anyway possible when the controller is requested to answer any data related quires;
  • Manage and relay any and all communications related to the consent of additional processors or sub processor engagements;
  • A Plan must be put forward to the controller covering all data required to prove compliance with its regulatory obligations.

Between ourselves and our clients we will strive to cover all regulatory changes for now and the coming years.


Security is one of the core things we at Techedia take pride in, whether its securing data or locking doors behind us we always deliver the highest standards in security. We recently revised all of our security and have strengthened it to the highest ability, our website was recently secured with SSL layer that allows users to safely browse our website with no concerns that there could be attackers.

Below are some security tips we recommend:

  • If you get an email asking for personal information or even a link to change a password, please be wary this could be a possible phishing attempt. Always check the sender of the email and verify it with the website. (Example of phishing email:
  • When accessing websites that you enter passwords or sensitive data into always check for the HTTPS or a green bar in the URL, as this means your connection to the website is secure with SSL.
  • This may seem easy and well known but hardly no one does it, never ever reuse your password for every website. If an attacker gets your password, then they could breach all your social accounts and render them useless.

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