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Due to the regularity and often bulk buying of hardware and software for our clients, we have the luxury of distributors offering us very low prices.

These discounted prices are passed onto you with the aim of lowering your business ICT expenditure whilst keeping you at the cutting edge of the market.

Network Solutions

Techedia Networks provide managed network support and development to a diverse clientele across a wide range of business disciplines. At Techedia we understand that every client network is different and requires uniquely individual attention. We work with you to build the infrastructure you require from start to finish.

Network Management is always at the forefront, as such, we apply core values when developing and maintaining your network.

Proactive network monitoring and reporting allows real time solution implementation and resolution. Our performance monitoring software tracks key aspects of your network including:

– Network Availability
– Network Performance
– Weekly / Monthly Performance reviews and reports
– Proactive network development based on performance reports targeting areas of noted improvement.
– Data Security and Traffic analysis

This information allows us to target specific areas of the network in a proactive fashion allowing resolution to any issues that may arise before they become noticeable to the business.

Techedia Networks have on a numerous occasions assisted companies with written statements and face-to-face contact with sector regulators ensuring correct information is communicated when required. This has proved vital in maintaining trust with both the company and the regulator in the forward planning of data security and system recovery.

Hardware and software

Techedia Networks manages all aspects of the network infrastructure for you to give you peace of mind. We are able to provide hardware and software for the following but not limited to:

-Data and server Racks storage
-Data infrastructure hardware (Switches, Routers, Cabling)
-Core infrastructure hardware (Servers, SAN, NAS, UPS)
-Applicable software licencing required.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

All businesses require robust and resilient Business continuity and data recovery ability. Techedia Networks work with you to create a Business Continuity and disaster recovery plan, developing a solution that best fits your company’s working style while laying out a step-by-step process for your IT continuity and recovery.

– Continuity planning minimising disruption to services
– Disaster recovery planning giving you peace of mind in the event of failure.
– On-site backups on time scales that fit your business needs
– Off-site replication of backups allowing multiple site redundancy
– Cold storage recovery allowing a third recoverable location of critical business data.

Regardless of the company structure and setup, we can work with you to modernise your business continuity and disaster recovery plans bringing you peace of mind in knowing that, if the worst did happen, your business would be in safe hands. Contact Us

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