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Proclaim Support and Development

Techedia has a team of developers with extensive experience in the support and development of Proclaim, the UK’s most widely used Case Management System (CMS) software within the legal sector.

Our team’s expertise covers every aspect of Proclaim CMS development and we also have expertise in .NET development and MI/BI reporting and visualisation.

Outsourcing your Proclaim support and development requirements to Techedia ensures that you fully maximise the benefits of Proclaim for your business and processes.

Proclaim Support and Maintenance

Techedia will work with you to implement bespoke solutions whereby we will gather your requirements and then implement this seamlessly into your Proclaim system, enabling you to maximise the efficiency of your staff and processes, saving you time and money.

What Proclaim means to your business:

  • Seamless workflow solutions with automated reporting allows you to maximise staff productivity and keep track of case progress, deadlines and profitability.
  • Bespoke routine import and exports to keep introducers, referrers and clients up to date.
  • Custom development of Screens, Linked Actions, Maths fields and all other features of Proclaim.
  • Integration with other internal/external systems.
  • Paperless office solutions including document scanning directly into Proclaim.
  • Highly automated routines that takes the burden of end-users.

.NET Development

In order to extend the functionality of the Proclaim CMS, where necessary, we can build bespoke solutions utilising the .NET environment and where applicable SQL Server.

Such bespoke .NET development allows Techedia to deliver solutions to problems that Proclaim cannot deliver as part of its existing toolset.

Management Information Reporting and Visualisation

Reliable, accurate and up-to-date Management Information is a must have in today’s business environment and Techedia are able to deliver this through tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

These such tools will enable you gain a much better insight into your data in Proclaim and will help you visualise this data in a way that isn’t possible through standard Proclaim reporting.

Reports created in these tools can be viewed online at any time as well as through mobile device apps so you can keep to up date wherever you are.

Third Party Integrations and Web Portals\API’s

Developing and implementing integrations with third party services comes as standard within our Proclaim support and development service.

Examples of third parties can be other businesses within your sector such as legal firms, medical agencies, ATE providers and introducers of work, to name a few.

We can also integrate with third party service providers such as conveyancing search providers and document scanning solutions to name just two examples.

Whatever or whoever you need your Proclaim system to integrate with, Techedia are able to facilitate this.

We can also build bespoke web portals and API’s to receive data from third parties and automatically deliver this data into Proclaim.

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