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Communication can come at a high cost when considering the amount of calls that businesses make each and every day.

Techedia specialises in the cost savings of telephony in the workplace and has setup and currently maintains many call centres, law firms and medical agency environments in the UK and further afield.

Through the introduction of VOIP, failover ADSL/ISDN and GSM devices, Techedia can ensure increased productivity and greatly decreased telephony costs for your company.

Internal phone systems can be a minefield to navigate to the unexperienced.  The setting up of IVR systems correctly and maintaining call groups, DDIs, presentation numbers and so on, is an ongoing everyday concern that causes many a headache when done inadequately.

It’s been heavily reported in the industry for several years that in 2025 traditional landlines will come to an end, i.e. all calls will be transmitted over the client’s internet connection rather than for example a pstn or isdn line.  Also traditional PBX’s will become ‘end-of-line’ with people preferring to use fully integrated telecom portals and externally hosted ‘phone systems’ that use web services.

A BT Spokesperson states:
“BT believes all IP services will be used nationwide by 2025 and we think Ofcom’s review is an opportunity to roll back obsolete rules in this area to create a level playing field.
Regulation has not kept up with the massive growth in competition and rapid pace of technology change over the last decade, whilst there are many overlaps between British and European laws which could be removed and simplified.
Such measures would improve efficiency, stimulate competition, and encourage investment in the UK’s connected future.”

With these types of quotes all over the internet its vital that businesses are prepared for the coming years and ensure that they don’t get overcharged for mis-sold hardware, soon-to-be unused communication lines and extremely complicated web-based phone systems.

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