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Alex Gerrard

Proclaim Developer & Integrations Co-ordinator | Proclaim

I have always been fascinated in Development and how everything works; from different apps to different pieces of electronics. I always found myself with a strong urge to understand what made them tick. This spiked my curiosity down the path of software development, thus leading me to start an apprenticeship at Techedia in 2021 fresh out of college. Since starting here, I have been encouraged and taken part in various relationship-building activities outside of the company such as giving talks at schools and hosting work experience weeks. Additionally, I've moved on to become a key part of the integrations team, progressing to Proclaim Developer & Integrations Co-ordinator, which has been providing new and exciting challenges working with new clients and being a main part of the day-to-day operation of the team. In my free time, I enjoy both playing and watching basketball (my favourite team is the Bucks) as well as playing video games on PC, Xbox, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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