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Steve Aspin

Operations Director | Management

Steve is a hands-on Director and still wants to be involved day to day with his clients. With a high-level management background, Steve joined his last three companies to help them develop relationships with their clients in a wide variety of sectors including, NHS, Private Healthcare, Public Sector, Councils, Recruitment Companies, Technology Companies, Construction, legal, Football Clubs and many more. Steve’s whole career has been built around building customer relationships and solutions to meet his client’s needs. Two of Steve’s most valuable assets are his network and reputation. He takes time to carefully construct a network of professionals whilst creating long-standing and strong partnerships. As a Director his main role is the management and ownership of engagement with clients by looking to install Techedia’s product, software and processes to ensure cost savings and compliance within their organisations. Steve will engage with existing clients and negotiate new contracts for new clients, review processes and implement them too. Ongoing client relationships are at the forefront of what Steve does as well as managing several teams in different departments. Outside of work, Steve likes to play golf and spend time with his family. Steve is also an avid sports fan following Football, Rugby League, Golf & Cricket.

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